One of the ways we're kickstarting debate about the purposed of education is by encouraging people to contribute 500 words on their own blogs. You can see the list of those who have signed up to contribute so far at:


Why have we done it this way? To ensure that voices are heard and opinions commented upon.


If you're going to write a blog post here are some guidelines to make sure it's as successful an experience as it can be:
  1. Read what others have written - responding to others, either by way or agreement or disagreement is a great way to get this debate going!
  2. Evidence your points - pointing to examples of what you mean helps people understand where you're coming from.
  3. Link back to purposed.org.uk - your readers will probably want to read what other people have had to say.
  4. Respond to comments - it is a debate, after all! (but be careful not to avoid these mistakes)
  5. Add a badge (optional) - right-click and download the badge below and then add it to your sidebar. Link it to the relevant post on your blog.



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