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"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." (Derek Bok)

We’re going to change the world.

Together, we’re going to spark a UK, and perhaps international, debate about the purpose of education.
  • We’re going to speak
  • We’re going to listen
  • We’re going to write
  • We’re going to debate
  • We're going to create

How can I help?

Use your talents! Can you do any of the following?
  1. Help us write our rules of engagement
  2. Design a logo/theme/widget
  3. Provide a venue for a debate/meeting/summit
  4. Write or speak about what you believe to be the purpose of education
  5. Sponsor something or help us raise money (we're non-profit)
  6. Get other people involved - young people, educators, parents, anyone interested in education
  7. Help us spread the message via social media
  8. Write, speak to and engage with influential people who may be able to help
  9. Provide a case study on how a vision can transform an educational institution/community
  10. Facilitate an event

How do I get in touch?

PURPOS/ED is being kickstarted by Doug Belshaw and Andy Stewart:

Join us! :-)